Eat Clean, Live Happy

By Caterina Roman

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When Lyme Disease attacks

Spring is finally here which is amazing and brightens everything in such a difficult time of my life. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with Lyme disease(which I have probably had for two years), mycoplasma pneumonia and chronic fatigue syndrome aka. being bed ridden until antibiotics and antivirals kick in which takes a while. I have to practically retrain my brain from the damage of lymes which can be painstaking.

Through all of this one of the hardest things to admit was sometimes food alone cannot cure all diseases as much as you want it to and  I have taken a break from clean eating. I feel burnt out on it to be honest. Sometimes I feel it’s better to take break from clean eating than to create a negative outlook and restrict myself when my body is already under trimendious stress. I could see how someone might feel that if there was a time to eat clean it would be now but, I disagree.

My workouts now are going to the grocery store and shuffling down the aisles. This was very stressful for me- before I worked out 5 days a week. Again I have learned the world isn’t going to end if I can’t work out. I’m not even disappointed when I saw I had gained 5 pounds(what’s the big deal anyways?). Life will never be perfect and it has many ups and downs. Through life even the most avid health people have to rest and enjoy it. This is why I’m laying back enjoying my ice cream and buffalo wings and not stressing.

This illness has taught me so much strength Although this mess has caused great amounts of pain and stress on me and my family, I try my hardest not to be negative but rather thankful I was able to receive treatment so fast. I am also thankful for all of the things I have found about myself as weird and corny as it sounds. I recently got my first singing bowl and mediate daily. I also found that I have a green thumb and really enjoy planting and gardening in general! Life could be worse right?

What really my heart break into millions and millions of piece is all the people suffering way more than me and are told to see a psychologist because it’s “only in their head” and for the people who have relapses but doctors won’t give then the antibiotics they desperately need. Being sick have really put things in perspective. Before this I took my health, energy and family for granted. I can also see how much others suffer with lymes and other chronic diseases.

Mostly I am so thankful for my mom who has been through every single bad day, every break down and everything in between. She is truly the strongest and kindest woman I have ever met. She has encouraged and understood everything I have gone through. It’s so hard to see her stressed and run down from this illness. My only wish is that my mom didn’t have to suffer from the illness as well. I will never be able to repay her for everything she has done for me.

Sorry for going on and on haha there is so much more I could say! Most importantly, May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme Disease is one of the most underfunded and misunderstood diseases. We disparately need a SAFE vaccine to prevent this awful disease. Wear lime green for Lyme Disease. Thanks for listening sorry if this is kind of a rant


P.S. Be Happy and stay positive!

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Nutrition is different for everyone

The other day I just started reintroducing foods after going on an elimination diet which including get rid of:

  • gluten
  • soy
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • chocolate
  • peanut
  • food dyes and additives

I wanted to see what was causing my autoimmune disease and I came to terms with one of the most important things. This was the fact that nutrition and healthy eating isn’t and never should be a black and white thing. Sometimes this makes it harder to find out what’s going on with your body but it also makes nutrition more interesting. There are so so many different diets that it’s often overwhelming. One book I read will say that all animal products cause cancer cells to grow while another says meat is very important for your health. Personally, I have found that I have a bad sensitivity to gluten where it makes me emotional, fogged and depressed. Does everyone get this? Of course not but I can’t stress how important it is to listen to your body. If you think something is wrong, chances are you’re right. I am fortunate often to know when something is off with my body whether it’s needing to take a break from working out or a health issue. This is especially important with a food allergy. The sooner you find the allergy,  the more likely you can reverse it. Whether it’s minor things that you have like headaches or bloating or major problems I suggest going on the 10 day elimination diet to find if it’s a food allergy. There are no negative implications and it’s free. Yes, it’s awful not being able to eat your favorite foods but, the information you realize is better an any possible blood test you can get. I always try to remember life is a journey and where I am now is not going to be where I am in a year.


P.S. Be Happy!

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My opinion of the USDA

There are only a couple things I am passionate about and nutrition is one of them. Growing up in the house hold where politics was constantly brought up, I became sick of it and almost looked down on politics. I formed the view that when the government started to care about the people who make up the United States then, I would care about them. The problem with my view is if I don’t voice my opinions about the change I wish to make then, who will. I am still not very interested in government with one exception, the USDA. The United States Department of Agriculture is now trying to pass laws that allow companies  to keep ingredients off the nutritional facts and allow companies to hide if there are GMOs.

This  department of the government is made to regulate and protect people from unsafe food and inspecting farms, as well as many other things. If this is true why does the government allow harmful things in our food like aspartame, MSG, dyes, lead, trans fats, nitrates; the list goes on and on. . If the government really had our best interest, they wouldn’t let this happen.

When the government allows a new food to consumed, they accept any research about the new product’s effects on people. There’s a problem with this.The problem is, big corporations pay scientist to make up the data about their new unsafe food. This is how aspartame originally was allowed. I think the company should have to pay the USDA to do the scientific research on these foods. Dangerous chemicals should NOT be allowed in our food at all.

At the most basic human rights level, we should know and be able to pronounce EVERY ingredient in what we eat. Almost all of our health is directly impacted by the food we eat. With this being said, a serving of goldfish or a coke once in a while isn’t going to kill us and I do believe in enjoying food. The biggest problems we are now facing are that the fastest, cheapest foods have these dangerous ingredients and most of the public isn’t educated on the serious consequences on them. It’s not right that people in poverty only have money for these processed foods(this could be a whole other rant).

If this country is going to reduce our health care cost then companies should allow trans fat, MSGs and added sugars and chemicals. I don’t believe that food should be regulated, rather that companies should lower portions and  take out chemicals. Also food should be made from real ingredients like butter and honey not high fructose corn syrup and vegetable oil.


P. S. Be Happy!

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For a while now I have wanted to juice but I was kind of  timid about how to start. After doing lots of research, I came to the conclusion that juicing was a fabulous way to intake more nutrients and vegetables especially if you have digestion problems like me. The whole thing seemed a little out there even after my research. How can kale leaves and carrots be a liquid? I was looking at online juice cleanses that ship to your house but it can cost an upwards of 400 dollars and they have loads of sugar. Also I am  kind of picky with food and you can’t choose the flavors of the juices. I really enjoy cooking so I got my very first juicer and fresh organic produce from Whole Food’s. Ideally I wanted to go on a three day juice cleanse because I feel kind of run down after having a bad cold and I haven’t been eating healthy food. I want to use this cleanse as a way to break my rut of eating poorly and turn over a new leaf. I just made my fist ever juice and I love it! I made a Mean Green juice created by Joe Cross which has:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 4 celery stalks
  • 2 apples
  • 6-8 leaves kale
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tbsp ginger

I can’t wait to try new delicious recipes! If anyone has good recipes comment down below!!


P. S. Be Happy!